Your Ultimate Guide to Labiaplasty Recovery

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A major concern among patients seeking labiaplasty is in regards to the recovery process. Just like any other plastic surgery procedure, a labiaplasty requires a recovery period before you can be completely back to normal.

During this time, patients are advised to get plenty of rest, avoid strenuous activity, and take good care of the incisions. Being aware of your recovery timeline prior to surgery can help you better prepare to ensure a speedy and comfortable recovery.

Here is a comprehensive guide to what you can expect during this period.

24 to 48 Hours After Surgery

After your labiaplasty surgery, you will be allowed to go home. Make sure you arrange for a friend or relative to drive you home and stay with you to help with daily tasks as needed.

Mild discomfort and swelling are expected around the inner and outer parts of your labia. Dr. Alter will prescribe some pain-relieving medications and antibiotics to take after the procedure. Some mild bleeding may be expected for a day or two. A cold compress is used for the first 48 hours to minimize swelling.

Urinating is painless after surgery. After urinating, spray some warm water over the area and dab it dry.

On the day after surgery, you may take a lukewarm shower without using soap in the genital area. Light walking is encouraged.

Wear a gauze or protective pad over your vaginal area for several weeks. Use Bacitracin ointment for up to two days then apply Vaseline if you need it to prevent sticking to the dressing.

Two Weeks

In the second week of recovery, your genitals should begin to feel normal again. Most of the pain is over, but you will have some tender areas. The swelling is subsiding; however, it takes six weeks for 80 percent of the swelling to go down. You can use cold compresses if you think it makes you more comfortable. Most women can resume work and other light activities after a week and exercise in a month. Intercourse should be avoided for six weeks.

During the first four weeks of recovery, make sure you ditch tight-fitting underwear and thongs for loose undergarments and clothing. If your job involves prolonged sitting, you can use a donut pillow if it makes you more comfortable, but it is rarely necessary.

Avoid the use of tampons for a month. The area may itch as the sutures dissolve, so your doctor can prescribe some medications to relieve it.

Four Weeks

By now, you should be able to move around with ease and sit comfortably. Patients can gradually resume normal activities and active lifestyles, but make sure your surgeon gives the go-ahead for this.

Six to Eight Weeks

90 percent of the healing takes place in the first six weeks after surgery. Most patients are allowed to engage in strenuous activities and intercourse, but this may differ depending on your progress during recovery. The final results of your labiaplasty procedure takes up to five months.

Following your surgery, Dr. Alter will help make your recovery as pleasant as possible. Just make sure you follow all the aftercare instructions to improve recovery and minimize complications.

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