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Enlargement of the scrotum is most likely to occur in men as they age, but it can also affect younger men. Some men may be born with excess scrotal skin, or it may gradually stretche over time. Other causes include enlargement due to a hydrocoele (water around the testicles), or a varicocele (dilated spermatic cord veins). A low hanging, enlarged scrotum can cause irritation to the scrotum and upper inner thigh. Some men have discomfort in tight clothes and underwear. Other men dislike the cosmetic appearance of the hanging scrotum.


Dr. Alter has developed scrotum reduction procedures that reduce the size of the scrotum while maintaining normal shape. The incisions are tailored to each patient, since the shape of the scrotum can vary. The incisions are concealed as much as possible while removing the skin excess. Patients with scrotum enlargement typically have a penoscrotal web, which is corrected at the same time.

This outpatient operation takes roughly 2 hours to perform and is a very safe procedure with little post-operation discomfort. The patient is given an erection during surgery with an injection, so Dr. Alter can tailor the excision around an erect penis, and any discomfort is gone shortly after surgery. Most men return to work in 4-5 days. Many of Dr. Alter’s satisfied patients have reported being very happy with the appearance of their scrotum.


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