Clitoral Hood Reduction With/Without Clitoroplexy 

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A protruding hood and clitoris can cause an unsightly bulge in tight clothing or give the appearance of a small penis. Some women report irritation and discomfort due to the enlarged clitoral hood. Since many women are self-conscious of the enlargement, especially when standing, they may avoid sexual intimacy, preventing a full, healthy sex life. Dr. Alter has helped many women achieve the look and feel they want—with no reported changes to sensation.


Fortunately, there are many options available to reduce the clitoral hood.

  • If there is excess width, Dr. Alter routinely reduces the sides of the clitoral hood alone or while performing a labiaplasty.
  • If the hood is overlapping the clitoris, it can sometimes be shortened by excising skin horizontally.
  • If the hood is not long but thick and protruding, the tissue under the skin can be thinned out.
  • A clitoropexy (repositioning) is necessary if the patient wishes to reduce the length, width, or protrusion of the clitoral hood. To do so, a horizontal incision on the lower clitoral hood is made, the hood skin is elevated, and the clitoris is repositioned slightly higher and deeper with a few sutures through the ligament attached to the clitoris. The clitoris itself is not sutured or traumatized. This reduces the protrusion of the hood and clitoris and allows maximum removal of longitudinal and horizontal hood skin. The hood becomes shorter and narrower with elimination of over-protrusion of the hood and clitoris, with no risk of nerve injury or decrease in sensation.

The clitoropexy with hood reduction was invented bv Dr. Alter about 15 years ago to change the markedly enlarged hood into a more natural post-surgical appearance. He has performed this procedure over 300 times with excellent results. Since he has not yet published this technique, no other physician performs it in a similar manner.

The clitoropexy/clitoral hood reduction can be done alone or in combination with the Alter Central Wedge Labiaplasty.

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