What Is Buried Penis Correction for Overweight Patients?

Up close of a mans’s bikini area

While a buried penis can be congenital and noticed at childbirth, it is also possible to develop it later in life due to many circumstances. One of the most common circumstances is the presence of excess weight.

It is not unusual for overweight men to have a buried or hidden penis. For these men, their penis will be of the standard size, but it will be hidden under the skin/fat of the abdomen and/or scrotum..

Therefore, it will not be visible or only partially visible when sitting or standing.

What Is the Connection Between Being Overweight and Having a Buried Penis?

Not all overweight or obese men have a buried penis. This is dependent on their body type, fat distribution, BMI, and a series of other factors (including genetic predisposition or complications with a previous overaggressive circumcision).

However, many obese men develop a large pubic fat pad that hangs over and distorts the visibility and prominence of the penis. This, combined with a lipoma of the spermatic cords and poor skin attachments, results in this condition.

What If I Lose Weight? Will My Buried Penis Be Corrected?

While it may seem as though losing weight would correct this issue (since it was partially the weight that was hiding the penis), this is not always a solution.

Unfortunately, even after significant weight loss, there may still be an issue with the visibility of your penis. Like any significant weight loss, it is common for loose, hanging skin to remain (since skin cannot always easily tighten and constrict following massive weight loss).

Here, excess pubic and scrotum skin may continue to hide and mask the definition of the penis.

Because of this, surgical hidden penis correction is often recommended or required.

How Can Dr. Alter Correct a Buried Penis?

Dr. Gary Alter performs buried penis correction for men struggling with the aesthetic and emotional complications of dealing with a less-than-visible penis.

This surgery, whether it is being performed on overweight patients or fit patients, involves reattaching or tightening the penile skin to the erection chambers. Often, the skin of the penis and scrotum also must be stabilized to the erectile bodies.

This will help with its definition.

For overweight men, it is also common to undergo pubic fat removal. This will help ensure that the existing fat will not continue to hide the penis.

Interested in Learning More?

Surgery can make a significant difference for anyone living with a buried penis.

Once you receive treatment, you can rest assured that you won’t have to deal with complications urinating or sexual function. Once you have been treated, chances of the condition returning are very minimal. Contact us today if you are battling a buried penis to have your situation professionally handled.

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