The Rise of the Barbie Vagina

Going Back … Way Back

Ever since the famous Barbie doll was released back in 1959, it became not just the most sought toy for young girls but it also became the “ideal” portrayal of the feminine physique. Small face, large breasts, “perfect” waistline and hips, and long legs, barbie dolls have successfully drawn the image of a body that many women sought after. Undeniably, many women, both young and old, have once desired to have that barbie doll body… Thankfully times are changing!

Given this, it is no surprise that barbie dolls influenced many women’s preference for cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery. As plastic surgical procedures developed through the years, the dream of having that barbie like body came true for many women. And today, as vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty are gaining popularity, barbie successfully made its way to influence many women’s ideas of what their vaginas should look like. Thus, birthing the term, barbie vagina.

The Barbie Vagina look is characterized by a flat vaginal surface with no hair and where the outer labia perfectly covers the inner labia. What you basically see is a tight slit between the legs.

Doc, I want a Barbie…

Over the past few years, plastic surgeons received a huge influx of patients getting labiaplasty to achieve this Barbie Vagina look, and it’s quickly gaining popularity. The procedure itself is not very complicated but it differs from every woman due to the fact that the female genitalia, just like its male counterpart, also comes in different shapes and appearances.

Though there are some women who have the “natural barbie” look, it’s actually not very common, because, of course we are all different, our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Many women wanted to have a ‘barbie’ to boost their confidence while some think that a barbie vagina is what a vagina should look like. But the truth is, there is no such thing as a standard or normal look. As long as you have no medical conditions that can cause deformities to your genitals, what you see down there is what’s normal for you. It’s more important to love you, for you, and not aspire to an unrealistic version of someone else’s perception of “perfect”.

So if you are considering getting a ‘barbie’, make sure that you do it for the right reasons and also choose the best surgeon for you. Take time scrutinizing your options. You don’t want to mess things down there, right? Take Dr. Gary Alter, M.D. for example. He is a renowned plastic surgeon with decades of experience and with an amazing success rate. Make sure that you are in good hands.

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