Should I Adjust My Inner or Outer Vaginal Lips?

Up close of a woman’s bikini area

While vulvas and all their components come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, some women are particularly concerned with the appearance of their vaginal lips or labia. Enlargement of the inner vaginal lips, also known as labia minora, may cause them to stick out past the labia majora (outer vaginal lips), affecting other areas of a woman’s life.

Some women feel that their enlarged labia are contributing to psychological, emotional, and physical discomfort. They may experience difficulty with exercise, discomfort with sexual activity, and irritation, and they feel limited on the type of clothing they can wear.

In such cases, labial reconstruction surgery is needed to address the labia changes and correct any functional and aesthetic issues a person may be experiencing.

Do I Need a Labiaplasty or Labia Majora Remodeling?

If you have prominent inner lips that stick out from the outer lips or have abnormally shaped labia minora that leads to a sagging appearance, labiaplasty can be beneficial. Your labiaplasty procedure involves reducing or reshaping the labia minora by surgically removing the extra section, contouring the lips, and increasing symmetry. Dr. Alter uses the central wedge or “V” labiaplasty technique (which is a technique he invented that has been adopted by plastic surgeons worldwide) to provide natural improvement while preserving your anatomy and minimizing scars.

On the other hand, if your labia majora has excessive, loose hanging skin due to aging or childbirth or excess fat resulting in the appearance of a bulge, labia majora remodeling may be ideal for you.

During your labia majora remodeling surgery, excess tissue is carefully removed from each inner labium majus. Fat injection can be used to address volume loss, helping to plump the outer lips and give them a younger appearance. Excess fatty tissue can also be removed, but with extra caution to avoid over removal, which can lead to a hollow, aged appearance.

These procedures can also be combined with a clitoral hood reduction to reduce excess tissue folds overlying the clitoris, helping to enhance the appearance of the entire genital area.

What Are the Benefits of Labial Surgery?

The decision to undergo labia reconstructive surgery is life-changing for many women. It helps them alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of protruding labia and allows increased comfort in their everyday activities. The results also dramatically improve the aesthetic appearance of a woman’s vulva, leading to increased emotional and sexual confidence.

If you are thinking about having labiaplasty or labia majora remodeling, make sure you work with a competent, board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing this type of procedure like Dr. Gary Alter. This is a very delicate procedure that requires meticulous skill, use of refined techniques, and a personal approach for each patient.

Interested in Labia Surgery?

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