Shockwave Therapy: Minimize Pain To Maximize Your Life

More Gain With Less Pain

Do you find yourself suffering from chronic pain, chronic open wounds, erectile dysfunction or female genital discomfort? The latest in shockwave therapy can help eliminate or reduce your pain significantly—no invasive surgery required. So, go head and put down the ice packs, pills and patches—and discover how acoustic SoftWave® therapy can get you back to enjoying life, pain free! 

Who Benefits From Shockwave Therapy, Anyway?

About 50 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain. Left untreated, it can have adverse effects on your mental health, cognitive processes and brain function, sleep patterns, sexual fitness, cardiovascular health and quality of life. Common treatment for chronic pain involves oral and topical medications. Most oral medications come with a myriad of side effects that could have short- or long-term effects on your physical and overall well-being.

If you suffer from chronic open wounds, whether they be venous, pressure or diabetic, the FDA-approved TRT OrthoGold 100™ SoftWave® machine is proven to help spur the wound healing process. It also has proven to help facilitate wound closure, improve tissue health and blood flow, reduce healing time, and limit the need for antibiotic treatment.

As we age, it’s quite common for men and women alike to encounter some difficulties in the bedroom. Shockwave therapy offers a simple, non-surgical option to improve sexual wellbeing in a discreet, effective way. For you ladies, it can help improved blood flow which in turn rejuvenates vaginal lubrication and increases the intensity of orgasm. Many women report heightened sexual arousal and vaginal tightening after just one treatment! If you are a man, struggling with erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy can help restore blood flow to the penis, helping to improve the quality of your erections.

If you are pro-athlete or active person who experiences pain from an injury that has not improved with the application of ice, rest, physical therapy or orthotics and are hesitant to consider surgical options, this is a simple, non-invasive therapy. Shockwave therapy is successful in treating both acute and chronic pain. It has proven beneficial in the treatment of common athletic injuries, including tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, rotator cuff, Achilles pain, plantar fascia, hip pain, and more. 

But, How Does This Work?

Shockwave therapy uses high energy acoustic waves to encourage the formation of new blood vessels in targeted parts of the body. When applied to injured areas of the body, it triggers your body’s natural healing response, encouraging blood circulation and regenerating damaged tissue. 

Gary J. Alter, M.D. is proud to offer the most effective technology on the market, the TRT OrthoGold 100™. This revolutionary machine has been used by professional athletes for years as an integral part of their physical therapy. It is non-invasive, requires no anesthesia, no risk of infection, minimal discomfort, no scarring and minimal recovery time. 

Multiple treatments are typically required depending on your specific needs and goals, with each treatment being spaced out about a week apart. Although many patients report near immediate pain relief, the full benefits of the treatment won’t be felt until about eight to twelve weeks after the treatment. It is recommended post procedure to take it easy, with low impact to the target area in order to allow the healing process to complete.

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