Out of Sight but Never Out of Mind? Dealing With a Hidden Penis

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Whether you were born with a buried (hidden) penis or have acquired this distressing condition, there is help, and depending on the cause, several techniques are available to treat this problem.

What Causes a Buried Penis?

A buried penis can occur due to both congenital and acquired causes.

Congenital Causes

  • The fat pad covering the pubic area is overdeveloped and conceals the penis.
  • The penile shaft develops abnormally in utero and creates an undesirable variation in the skin and fat that surrounds the penis

Acquired Causes

Most acquired cases are the result of:

  • Excess fat and skin in the pubic region due to obesity
  • Weight loss with excess skin
  • Chronic Inflammation including lichen sclerosus
  • Botched elective procedures (like overly aggressive circumcision)
  • Botched penis enlargement procedures.

Are There Any Non-surgical Treatments for a Hidden Penis?

Generally speaking, treatment for a buried penis involves surgery. However, weight loss is the first step in cases where obesity is the cause.

You may accomplish this with a strict diet and exercise or weight-loss surgery. Either way, if you lose considerable weight, you will likely still have excess skin and residual fat that continues to obscure and bury the penis.

Surgical Correction for a Buried Penis

After losing a significant amount of weight, a tummy tuck or panniculectomy combined with liposuction is rarely enough to “unbury” the penis in some patients.

Surgery specifically developed to correct a hidden penis may include the following techniques:

  • Pubic skin and fat removal
  • Internally suturing the pubic skin to the underlying muscles to prevent the penis from hiding in the pubic area
  • Elimination of a turkey neck between the penis and scrotum
  • Stabilization of the base of the underside of the penis to the scrotal skin to prevent burying into the scrotum
  • Excision of excess overhanging abdominal skin
  • Rarely skin grafts or rearrangement of penile and scrotal skin to cover areas of the penis without sufficient skin

Why Should You Consider Treatments for a Buried Penis?

Biologically male adults and children may have trouble urinating without spilling urine on the scrotum, thighs, or clothing. Because of this, infections of the urinary tract or genital area are more common with a hidden penis, as the skin is chronically moist.

Uncircumcised individuals may experience inflammation of the skin covering the penis head. When they get an erection, it can cause pain or make penetration difficult.

A buried penis may also cause psychological issues with loss of self-esteem along with ridiculing by peers or partners.

Choosing a Specialist for Your Buried Penis Correction

Genital surgery involves customized procedures designed to meet the patient’s unique needs, and you should choose a highly skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing buried penis correction.

A genital surgery specialist will be familiar with all the techniques and can explain the procedure(s) best used for your particular condition.

Your Beverly Hills Genital Surgery Specialist

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