Is Your Penis Curved? How Much Is Too Much?

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Every man is built a little differently. Some curvature to the penis is completely normal and quite common, especially during erection. However, some men experience severe penile curvature. This can affect sexual intercourse, cause physical discomfort, and be a point of embarrassment.

No one should live with an uncomfortable physical feature that affects their daily lives. But how much of the curve is normal, and at what point is the curve a problem? Below, we will discuss the variations of penile curvature, what are some underlying causes, and what to do when your curved penis is too curved.

Congenital Curvature

Congenital curvature means that you were born with a curved penis; it is not a side effect of injury or damage. Most men with curved penises have always had them, and they are most evident during erection. A mild congenital curve of the penis upward, downward, or to one side during erection is very common and not a cause for concern.

However, a man may feel that even a mild natural curve is unappealing. A severe curve certainly may interfere with intercourse. If the curvature bothers you psychologically or physically, surgery is a valid option..

What Are My Options for Fixing Congenital Penile Curvature?

If your curved penis is causing you issues in the bedroom or otherwise, you have options.

World-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Alter is an expert in genital reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Double board certified in both plastic surgery and urology, Dr. Alter has unique experience in performing complex reconstructive surgery of male and female genital anatomy. When considering plastic surgery for a curved penis, Dr. Alter is the ideal choice.

Dr. Alter offers curvature correction surgery for his patients who are experiencing difficulty with their curved penises. This procedure evens out the sides of the curve. To do this, the longer side is shortened using sutures, which corrects the curve. During the procedure, a combination of medication and injected saline is used to promote a strong erection, making the maximum curve evident. Dr. Alter can then provide an accurate correction, which can only be performed with a maximum erection, which is an ideal but often overlooked aspect of the surgery.

Curvature correction surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, with minimal postoperative pain and a very high success rate.

Peyronie’s Disease

A more severe form of penile curvature is due to fibrous scar tissue that causes the penis to curve up, down, or sideways. This condition is called Peyronie’s disease, and it can cause indentations, hourglass deformities, shortening, lack of penile stability, and aesthetic disfigurement. Peyronie’s disease can be caused by trauma or injury during sexual intercourse, as well as genetic or unknown causes.

The scarring that develops occurs in the elastic tissue surrounding the erection chambers of the penis and usually produces a firm area that causes the penis to bend towards the scar tissue. This results in disfigurement, curvature, shortening, or narrowing.

Peryonie’s disease can significantly detract from sexual functionality, comfort, and efficacy. Some men affected by Peryonie’s disease even experience physical impotence, which requires surgery to resolve.

What Are My Options for Fixing Peyronie’s Disease?

The treatment for Peyronie’s disease that is best for you will depend on the severity of your symptoms and the medical advice of Dr. Alter. There are generally two routes you can take:

Non-surgical Options for Peyronie’s Disease
A urologist can administer injections of Xiaflex into the Peyronie’s plaques. Xiaflex is an enzyme that breaks down scar tissue, which can decrease some of the curvature caused by the plaque. With this method, results tend to vary.

Surgical Options for Peyronie’s Disease
For patients with severe symptoms, surgery may be the best option. Penis straightening is performed by either shortening the longer side or by releasing the scar tissue on the short or concave side. The specific method will be determined by Dr. Alter’s initial examination of the patient.

When releasing the scar tissue, Dr. Alter will make incisions in the plaque, and gaps are usually filled with cadaver tissue. This technique is much more complex than shortening.

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