Botched Labiaplasty? There’s Still Hope

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A botched labiaplasty can be a devastating experience, and for some women, it can cause them to lose confidence in themselves and feel uncomfortable in their bodies. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Labiaplasty revision surgery is a procedure that restores the look and function of the labia minora after a botched surgery. When performed by female genital reconstruction expert Dr. Gary Alter, it can improve confidence and make patients feel like themselves again.

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Revision Surgery Can Restore Your Confidence

A botched labiaplasty, while devastating, doesn’t have to be permanent. Many patients feel at a loss when they end up with a botched result; some even feel disfigured. This can all be detrimental to mental and emotional wellness as feelings of anxiety take over.

But if your labiaplasty was botched, you still have options. Once you decide you’re ready, a secondary procedure called labiaplasty revision can help you feel like yourself again.

What Is Labiaplasty Revision?

A cosmetic procedure specifically designed to remedy issues with a primary labiaplasty or botched result, labiaplasty revision is also known as corrective labiaplasty, reconstructive labiaplasty, or secondary labia reconstruction.

While labiaplasty patients seek a more aesthetically pleasing labia minora, usually by reducing the size or protrusion of the treatment area, labiaplasty revision patients may have more complex needs, as a botched result will vary from person to person.

How Can Labiaplasty Be Botched?

There are quite a few reasons a woman can end up with a suboptimal result:

    • Inexperienced or untrained surgeon
    • Sloppy surgical work
    • Poor healing process
    • Incompatibilities in anatomy

Unless you willfully ignored your surgeon’s aftercare or recovery instructions, a botched result is likely not your fault. One of the issues with labiaplasty is that too many inexperienced surgeons are offering this procedure, making it seem much less complex than it really is. Some patients even receive labiaplasty surgery from their gynecologist or obstetrician.

How Can You Fix a Botched Labiaplasty?

The only way to remedy a botched result is through a labiaplasty revision. While it may be intimidating to consider undergoing a secondary procedure, the best way to ensure the success of the procedure and your peace of mind is to choose a highly experienced labiaplasty revision expert.

Dr. Gary Alter is the leading expert in labiaplasty revision surgery, perfecting techniques for primary surgery (labiaplasty) and corrective procedures. Dr. Alter is considered the authority on female genital reconstruction procedures and has performed over 3,000 labiaplasties.

Dedicating much of his career to the reconstructive aspect of genital plastic surgery, Dr. Alter is widely considered the best in his field. In addition to an impressive career, Dr. Alter is deeply sympathetic to the emotional and mental obstacles his reconstructive labiaplasty patients face, and our team is well-trained in treating your experience as sensitively as possible.

Seeking the care and advice of Dr. Alter can significantly reduce your anxiety concerning this procedure.

What Is the Revision Labiaplasty Procedure?

Each corrective labiaplasty will vary greatly, depending on your needs and the concerns you must address. Dr. Alter uses a wide range of techniques to address various common issues with botched labiaplasties.

Depending on your needs, he may use one of the following techniques:

    • Using fat grafting injections to repair minor deformities
    • Cutting out scarred or scalloped edges and resuturing for a smoother result
    • Cutting out a gap and suturing edges together
    • Using clitoral hood tissue to construct a new labia (for over-excised  or missing labia)
    • Reattaching a loose or detached clitoral hood

The length of your revision labiaplasty procedure may take 2-4 hours, depending on the revision level necessary.

It’s important to note that revision labiaplasty is a much more complex procedure than a primary labiaplasty. Still, Dr. Alter has had great success restoring the look and comfort of his patients.

How Painful Is Labiaplasty Revision Recovery?

If you had a botched labiaplasty, you may have experienced a painful recovery period. You should know that labiaplasty should not be a painful recovery when performed correctly. You may have experienced prolonged discomfort because of the subsequent issues in technique and scarring.

Revision labiaplasty recovery with Dr. Alter is much easier, and most patients can return to normal activities after a few days. Dr. Alter will use dissolvable sutures, so you will not need to have them removed, but you will need to avoid sex for about six weeks.

Dr. Alter will provide specific instructions tailored to your surgical plan, but you will most likely recover quickly with little discomfort.

Interested in Labiaplasty Revision in Beverly Hills, CA?

A secondary labiaplasty procedure can help you restore the look and feel of your labia minora after a botched result and restore your confidence.

If you’re ready to take the next step and schedule a consultation with Dr. Alter, call our Beverly Hills office at (310) 275-5566 or our New York office at (212) 321-0749. We also offer virtual consultations for out-of-town patients. Just fill out our online contact form to get started.