Trim or Wedge Labiaplasty – Which Is Best for You?

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Many women have cosmetic concerns about their vagina, most of which are associated with labial hypertrophy, an enlargement of the vulva’s inner lips (labia minora).

This condition may involve only cosmetic issues, or it may cause discomfort and irritation when wearing tight clothing, having intercourse, or even just exercising.

Labiaplasty is a minor surgery used to reshape the labia and can be performed with one of two techniques: wedge or trim.

The Trim Technique Pros and Cons

The trim technique is the most common technique used for labiaplasty and involves the surgeon “trimming” the outer edges of the labia.


Labial hypertrophy often leads to irritation in the outer parts of the labia minora, which may become thick or rough. Additionally, some women have congenital dark labial edges or dark edges due to hyperpigmentation.

The trim method offers these benefits:

  • Because trim labiaplasty removes the outside edges, some surgeons may recommend this technique to replace the dark edges with a pink color.
  • It is usually a shorter surgical procedure.
  • More plastic surgeons offer the trim method, so it’s likely to be available nearby.


The following adverse results can occur with the trim technique, especially when performed by unskilled surgeons:

  • Persistent discomfort may occur along the scar line.
  • Over-removal of tissue is more likely than the wedge technique.
  • Asymmetry, irregular, or scalloped edges are all-too-common results with this method.
  • The intersection of the labia minora and clitoral hood may be left with unsightly bumps or gaps.
  • More women seeking labiaplasty revision have undergone the trim technique compared to the wedge method.
  • Many plastic surgeons without significant experience in genital surgery have decided to offer this labiaplasty method, increasing your risk of complications.

The Wedge Technique Pros and Cons

Dr. Gary Alter, a plastic surgeon specializing in labiaplasty, labiaplasty revision, and other genital surgeries, created the “Alter labia contouring technique,” also called the central wedge or V-labiaplasty technique, to reduce the potential problems associated with the trim method.


The wedge method involves a more customized approach and offers the following advantages:

  • The wedge technique provides more natural-looking results.
  • Scar placement is more discreet than with the trim method.
  • When performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, the wedge method is less likely to involve complications or require revision.
  • This technique does not cut into the transitional area between the labia and clitoral head, avoiding the chance of producing any bumps or gaps there.
  • Removing only the most problematic areas preserves healthy, natural, aesthetically pleasing labia tissue and helps prevent irregular and scalloped edges.
  • Because thickening or hardening of the labia doesn’t typically run along the entire edge, this method reduces the size of the labia without completely removing the outer edges. The wedge technique usually removes the darkest portions of the labia.


The wedge technique has many advantages over the trim method. However, there are a few less positive variables to consider:

  • While still a minor surgery for the patient, the wedge technique is more complicated for the surgeon. This complexity requires extensive skill and experience, which can lead to fewer qualified plastic surgeons being available in your area.
  • The wedge technique usually takes longer than a trimming labiaplasty, which can increase the cost.

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