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Surgical procedures on a man’s genitalia often raise hesitation for men, although these procedures are common and often leave a man feeling more confident and comfortable. Scrotum reduction surgery removes excess skin from the scrotum, making a man more comfortable during sports, in the bedroom or gym, or just in everyday life. While this procedure is often recommended for older men, some younger men may be born with excess scrotum skin and choose to have this procedure.

Dr. Alter consults with men regarding scrotum reduction in New York City.

Am I a Candidate for Scrotum Reduction?

Men who wish to have a scrotum reduction may notice that their scrotum and testicles interfere with their everyday life, including getting uncomfortably caught in clothing, hindering their athletic performance, or contributing to a pulling or pressure sensation that causes chronic pain. Surgery candidates should be in good physical health. Plus, smokers should quit as it can slow the healing process and lead to complications.

How Is Scrotum Reduction Performed?

Scrotum reduction reduces the size of the scrotum while maintaining its overall shape. This procedure does not affect the penis or the function of the testicles. Many patients with an enlarged scrotum also have a penoscrotal web (turkey neck), which the surgeon will correct during the procedure.

Typical scrotoplasty procedures take about two hours and are performed under general anesthesia. It is a minimally invasive procedure, and many patients experience little discomfort afterward. During the procedure, the patient will be given an erection, allowing the surgeon to tailor the scrotum and penoscrotal web around the erect penis. Then, the excess skin is removed, and the incisions are sutured.

What Is Scrotum Reduction Recovery Like?

Most men experience little discomfort after surgery, although some tenderness and swelling are normal. You may be advised to wear loose clothing following the procedure or be prescribed supportive undergarments. Pain medicine is prescribed, but many men find relief from using over-the-counter pain relievers. You should be able to return to work within a week; however, vigorous exercise and sexual activity should wait until your surgeon has approved these activities.

What Results Can Be Expected After Scrotum Reduction?

Most men are satisfied with their results and discover more confidence in their daily life and with their partner. You will see a higher, tighter scrotum and should have a reduction in chafing or sweating in the genital area. Some men may be able to pursue sports like cycling without discomfort or may not have to wear constrictive clothing when running or hiking. The discomfort from testicles that hang lower is usually alleviated. Many men who have to hold their testicles up when sitting on the toilet may no longer have to do so.

Dr. Alter developed and perfected the scrotum reduction procedure and has published the technique in plastic surgical textbooks and journals. He has been doing the operation for over 25 years.

Interested in Scrotum Reduction in NYC?

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