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Female Sexual Wellness

It is a very exciting time for female sexual wellness and vaginal rejuvenation. Regenerative medicine has given us the tools to improve a woman’s vaginal health.

As women age, they may experience an increase in physical discomfort in the genital area. Life experiences, such as childbirth or the general effects of aging or menopause, can cause vaginal dryness, itchiness, or irritation. Vaginal discomfort can make intimacy less enjoyable by causing sex to become painful. Orgasm intensity and lubrication are negatively affected. Urinary incontinence may also increase and can be embarrassing.

Dr. Alter’s 25 years of experience make him uniquely qualified to help women regain their enjoyment of sexual intimacy by making intercourse more enjoyable and orgasms more intense. His O-Shot® and STEMVagé™ treatments help to heal and restore vaginal tissue through BioCellular Therapy, which includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cell injections, and laser resurfacing. In addition, these treatments can help women with chronic areas of discomfort or pain as well as those with lichen sclerosus (an inflammatory genital condition).

The STEMVagé™ treatment (BioCellular Regenerative Therapy for vaginal rejuvenation) utilizes advancements in technology that support the body’s natural healing abilities. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is from your own blood draw and has healing factors. It is prepared by centrifuging your blood and drawing out the platelets and growth factors. Stem cells are immature cells that have the ability to turn into other types of body cells to facilitate healing. These stem cells are in all parts of the body but are found in very high amounts in your own fat. The liposuctioned fat is broken down and made into nanofat with its high number of stem cells. BioCellular Therapy is the combination of stems cells with PRP to enable and assist healing more effectively than either treatment alone. By introducing adult stem cells along with PRP, Dr. Alter can direct the cells to address specific sites of the body and vagina that are in need of rejuvenation.


  • O-Shot®: PRP into the G-spot and vaginal tissues
  • STEMVagé™ shot: PRP plus stem cells (nanofat) into the G-spot and vagina tissues
  • Laser vaginal rejuvenation: Painless resurfacing of your vaginal lining
  • STEMVagé+™: STEMVagé™ and/or O-Shot® plus laser vagina resurfacing


PRP is plasma obtained by a simple blood draw from you. The blood is prepared, and the platelets with plasma are separated. These contain healing and growth factors to rejuvenate your tissues. The O-Shot® painlessly injects these platelet and growth factors into the G-spot, clitoris, and vagina to heal and restore normal function. Stem cells are immature cells in the body that migrate to areas of injury and disease to heal and rejuvenate. The PRP stimulates local stem cells to heal the area and to improve orgasms and urinary leakage.

STEMVagé™ (Stem Cells)

The STEMVagé™ shot goes one step further than the O-Shot®. Stem cells are taken from your fatty tissue by minor liposuction and specially prepared as nanofat. Nanofat alone or with PRP is injected in order to achieve an even more potent rejuvenation. With the nanofat, the vagina does not depend solely on local stem cells for rejuvenation, because a large volume of fat stem cells is introduced to stimulate healing. The combination together makes a more powerful improvement.

Laser Vaginal Resurfacing

Vaginal tissue is repaired when the laser device creates micro-injuries by emitting laser energy into the lining of the vagina. This procedure is essentially painless. These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s healing response by signaling that restorative support is needed. Upon this signal, stem cells and other healing cells and factors migrate to the site to repair the damage and give the woman a healthier vaginal lining, which can eliminate painful intercourse, improve lubrication, and modestly tighten the vagina. We use the FemTouch™ carbon dioxide laser, which is simple, quick, and effective. Usually, three or four treatments separated by a month each are the ideal protocol.


The STEMVagé+™ adds laser vaginal resurfacing treatment to the STEMVagé™ treatment. It can also be added to the O-Shot® alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can urinary leakage be improved?

A. Yes, in mild cases. If a woman has slight urinary leakage from coughing or straining or has sudden urges to urinate, all three procedures can cause improvement. A combination of procedures such as the STEMVagé+™ would probably be the most effective, but many women have major improvement with just the O-Shot®. Severe leakage usually requires surgery.

Q. Can I decide which procedure(s) to undergo?

A. Absolutely. Your needs will be determined by you and your physician to pick the ideal choice for you.

Q. If I only undergo one of the procedures, can I do the others later?

A. Yes. A repeat O-Shot® or STEMVagé™ can be done at eight weeks if the patient wishes to for whatever reason. If you need further treatments in the future, you can certainly receive them.

Q. Are the procedures safe?

A. Even though these procedures are relatively new, they are safe with minimal downtime. PRP and nanofat are safe, as they come from your own body. Their injection into your tissues has been shown to be effective.

Q. Are the treatments painful?

A. No! The O-Shot® and Vivify injections are performed after the vagina is numbed with anesthetic cream. The nanofat is obtained by minimal liposuction performed under local anesthesia. In addition, safe nitrous oxygen gas is available to alleviate your anxiety and discomfort.

Q. What are the side effects?

A. Side effects are minimal. You may have a slight amount of spotting for a few hours. After an O-Shot®, the patient can resume intercourse that day. After the STEMVagé™, intercourse can be resumed in two to three days, whereas intercourse can be resumed in three days after laser rejuvenation.

Q. When can I see an improvement?

A. The results depend on the treatment. You might notice an improvement with the O-Shot® or STEMVagé™ within a few days, but it may take several weeks to a couple months to achieve the full effect. Laser resurfacing requires three to four treatments given one month apart.

Q. What if I have lichen sclerosus or chronic pain?

A. The injection of PRP and stem cells has been shown to be an effective treatment for these distressing maladies.

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