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Congenital curvature of the penis upward, downward, or to one side during erection is not uncommon. If the curvature interferes with intercourse or causes psychological distress, correction is performed. The correction is easily performed as an outpatient by shortening the convex (longer) side with sutures. The incision is made through a previous circumcision scar, an incision on the underside of the penis, or a circumcision is performed. Loss of length is usually less than 1 inch. Postoperative pain is mild.

Alternatively, if the curvature is upward or downward, the concave (shorter) side can be lengthened. This more extensive procedure involves releasing the concave side with incisions and filling the gap with a graft of skin (dermis), tissue from a cadaver (pericardium), or vein. This procedure has greater risks and is usually not performed on patients with congenital curvature.


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